Kalamaki is a quiet and friendly place for your vacation. Nearby you can find archaeological sites of great importance, such as Phaistos, Agia Triada, Gortyna, etc.


  • Agiofarago Beach | South Crete
  • Psiloritis Mountain
  • The archaeological site of Phaistos
  • Ideon Andron - Area of birth and raising of Zeus
  • The archaeological site of Gortyn (or Gortys)



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Kalamaki, Crete


Kalamaki is a popular seaside settlement in the Prefecture of Heraklion, in Southern Crete. It is located 67 kilometers away from Heraklion, really close to Kamilari, Matala and Faistos.

A few meters down the road you will find a Super Market, as well as shops with souvenirs and beach accessories.

Banks and a health center can also be found in the nearby area. Every Friday and Saturday you can shop all kinds of local products in the open market.

The longest beach

The beach in Kalamaki is extremely long (it is the longest beach in Southern Crete), about 2.5 kilometers, as it reaches from Komo (south) to Kokkinos Pirgos (north-western) .

The sea turtle Caretta Caretta lays its eggs in that beach. If you come across fenced areas, there are nests with eggs, buried in the sand, that are hatched by the sun. The beach is excellent for sea sports, such as canoe, kayak and windsurf.

Archaelogical sites

In the area, one can also visit archaeological sites of great importance, such as Phaistos, Agia Triada, Gortyna etc.

Excursions – Daily trips

We can give you advice about daily trips and excursions in beautiful beaches (such as Agiofaraggo, Kokkini Paralia etc), traditional mountain villages and breathtaking mountain landscapes. There are also numerous choices for those of you, who prefer walking in wilderness, such as the charming gorges of Zaros or Agiofaraggo as well as the mountain routes to the peak of Psiloreitis, the cave of Kamares etc.